The X1 Advantage

X1 System Open

December 5, 2013 (Santa Clara, California) Vet Rocket announces the availability of it’s X1 cordless digital X-Ray system designed for demanding veterinary application.  The X1 features industry’s first fully battery capable X-Ray capturing system which allows the users to completely free themselves from the need of AC power and sensor cables.   The Vet Rocket X1 is designed to work seamlessly with Canon’s wireless digital radiography detectors and MinXray’s battery power TR90B generator.   Included in the Vet Rocket X1 are expertly tuned imagine processing algorithms for every veterinary application including equine, companion, aquatic and zoo animals.  In addition, Vet Rocket’s on-site training provide expert user training to each customer helping them capture high quality X-Rays with minimal efforts.

Click here for a full product description of the X1 System.