RocketPACS - A Complete Cloud-Based DICOM solution


RocketPACS is your completely secured cloud-based solution for storing, viewing, sharing and managing your DICOM exams



RocketPACS is 100% cloud-based and runs on any workstations or wireless devices such as Android,  iPads and iPhones.


RocketPACS’s easy-to-use browser based image viewer features intuitive touch-screen gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, drag-to-pan, and swipe-to-advance. This simple touch interface allows confident presentation during client communication and consultation.


The RocketPACS viewer is powered by easy-to-use layout controls for image magnification,  brightness and contrast controls,  measurement tools and side-by-side comparison of prior exams.

Behind this simple and intuitive viewer is a powerful PACS engine that provides fast image streaming, queries, and downloads. In addition, a fully programmable DICOM router gives you complete control over radiology and clinical workflows in your clinic.


  • Drag and drop to upload a vast array of image file formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF, DCM, ZIP)
  • Email JPEG, DICOM or weblinks to clients or consultants
  • Edit and correct patient demographics
  • Hanging Protocol display
  • Comprehensive user profiles and individual preferences
  • Audit trail and extensive log files
RocketView Nigel screen

RocketPACS Web Viewer

Radiology Information SystemRadiology Report Website

RocketPACS RIS is a complete web-based radiology and workflow management system . It provides Modality Worklist (MWL) integration for modalities such as Digital Radiography, Ultrasound, MRI and CT.

RocketPACS RIS integrates with popular veterinary software such as ezyVet, Cornerstone, rVetlinkeVetPractice, and Tracks.

RocketPACS RIS allows you to easily create comprehensive in-house and teleradiology reports with image attachments and annotation capabilities.  Customize your own radiology report templates with clinic logo and text formats.  Automatically notify your clients via text, eFax , or email.  Additional features includes:

  • Teleradiology Portal
  • Customized radiology workflow routing
  • Radiologists availability management

RocketPACS logo

Enjoy a full-featured PACS solution with no software installation. Contact Vet Rocket today at for an online demo and when you are ready for lift-off to the cloud and beyond!

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