X1 System

X1 Portable DR System

The Vet Rocket X1 represents a new generation of portable X-Ray systems and is the industry’s first fully battery powered DR solution designed specifically for veterinary applications.  Enjoy the freedom of wireless technology without dependence on  AC power and cables.  Read more and discover the possibilities of your new found freedom.

Image of X1 system with top open Exceptional Image Quality

The X1 is custom designed to work with Canon’s new generation of high sensitivity wireless DR detectors and supports sizes up to 14″x17″. With years of experience in digital X-Ray imaging,  Vet Rocket engineered each X1 system with highly optimized image processing algorithms that will allow you to capture the highest quality diagnostic images in every demanding situation.

Daylight Readable Display

Gone are the days of not able to read your screen in the field. Designed into the X1 is a direct daylight readable display. You can now operate in environment that were not possible with you existing equipment

Image of closed X1 system Rugged Construction

The X1 is engineered with fully solid-state components inside for rugged and high-performance operations.  It’s computer-aided-designed body is made of radio-frequency transparent material and provides robust protection against shock and vibration during use or transportation.

Glove-friendly Touch Screen

Together with it’s rugged capabilities, the X1 features a special touch sensor that registers pressure allowing you to keep your gloves on while operating.  You can operate the built-in capture software with convenience of the touch-screen.

Detail image of X1

Capture Software

X1’s new capture software brings a new level of functionality and flexibility to portable X-Ray imaging.   You can now suspend studies, apply different image algorithms, rename exams and protocols, annotate your images immediately and much more.

Battery Operation

The X1 features a removable battery to provide continuous operation for as long as you need.  A single charge will power your wireless system for hours of operation.

Built-in Diagnostic Viewer

The X1 comes with built-in diagnostic viewing software that provides easy-to-use imagine manipulation tools.  In addition, studies captured in the field are stored redundantly on rugged solid-state hard drives.

Image of charger and batteries for the x1

Wireless Detectors

The X1 is designed specifically to work with Canon’s wireless DR detectors.  Together with the CXDI-80 and CXDI-70C’s high performance, low dose and wireless technology, the X1 is built to last and frees you from cables and wires while you operate.   Each DR detector is powered by a single lithium-ion battery capable of up to 6.5 hours of continuous operation or up to 140 images over the life of each full charge.  The X1’s high performance CPU is capable of displaying the preview image within 3 seconds immediately after each exposure.   The detectors features high resolution 125 micron pixel pitch with 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion and are capable of capturing 4,096 levels of grayscale.


Technical Specifications

• Capture CPU: Rugged and Water-resist (IP-65 specifications)
• Display: Daylight Readable at 1,200 nits
• Touch Screen: Multi-Touch and glove friendly
• Built-in Viewer: DICOM 3.0 compliant diagnostic viewer
• Detector battery life: 6.5 hrs and 140 exposures

Wireless DR panels supported
• Canon CXDI-801C portable detector
• Canon CXDI-701C portable detector

• Dimensions: 13.75″ x 13 x 7.8″
• Weight: 22 lbs (10kg)
• Battery Life: 4 hours (less in sunlight mode)

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